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Information plays a structural role in scientific research. At kbDNA, we perceive information as the most valuable material any organization can offer. That is why we dedicate our efforts to continuously providing novel, relevant data and insight to all researchers. Our pieces present organizational theories via opinion-editorials and trend analysis white papers. Technical notes, protocols and figures are all generated straight from the lab team to support design of experiments and application technique. The kbDNA Publishing Lab is designed to bridge research labs with the often-unfamiliar knowledge of the manufacturing lab that could be a valuable resource.

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Molecular-Weight Standards Chart : Proteins


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How to Improve Your Search for Reagents: What Researchers Can Learn From Our Mistakes

Key takeaways from our experience building and advancing a reagent-specific search tool followed by our decision to drop the entire approach. In this editorial we provide helpful insight about the limitations of search functionality and the relevant information to consider when sourcing your next recombinant protein.

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Top Ten Modifications for Nucleotide Synthesis

To further bridge the gap between designing a DNA or RNA sequence and the process of synthesizing it - this review offers a fundamental break-down of the core modifications that help support novel synthesis.

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Fawning Over CRISPR Isn’t Making It Any Safer, but RNA Might

As CRISPR continues to innovate our lab methods and dominate our news feeds; its issues with off-targeting continue to limit downstream potential. Progress may be moving at a less favorable pace, but recent methods in novel modifications to the guide RNA (gRNA) structure may provide the necessary traction to move toward the right solutions.

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An Updated Overview of Protein Tags

A helpful guide for the variety of different protein tags - trending in recent growth

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It May Seem like It’s Raining Reagents, but It’s Only a Flood of Companies with the Same Catalogs

Understanding the back-end phenomenon of commercial reagents and the factors limiting their success in ecommerce.

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Difficult-To-Express Proteins Are Not Going to Solve Themselves

It always seems like it’s raining recombinant proteins, until an experiment requires a difficult target. Then it just seems like an endless loop of identical catalogs from different companies. This has been a growing source of frustration for both manufacturers and researchers. Read our break-down about the difficult-to-express situation and what technology we believe bring hope to solutions...

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Rethink Modifications

A guide to modifying sequences for synthesis

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Oligos: How the Lego Pieces of DNA Are Shaping Research

Discussing current progress in oligonucleotides and why synthesis technology will play a key role toward future innovation

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2-Step Solid Phase Synthesis of DNA - PUBLISHING SOON !

Learn and execute the methods involved in one of the most innovative approaches of synthetic biology

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Synthesis Attachment Chemistry

Review of the technical components that drive attachment chemistry in nucleotide synthesis

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Biology and Web Development Mix as Well as Vinegar and Water

βeta & candidate sites are checked off; the enduring process to a satisfactory official website release

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How failure and preparation landed us our dream engineer

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Our experience trying reagent proteins from the surplus of suppliers has made us question the trend

It seems like every vendor, including our snack machine is offering recombinant proteins now

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Bootstrapping a biotech start-up

Competitive landscape and scientific challenges. Has all the pain been worth the venture?

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