There is nothing wrong with abundance! Don't get me wrong. The more suppliers the merrier. It'll inevitably lead to lower costs while competition eliminates imitators and wave riders.  However, abundance can get concerning when it impacts quality. Lets remember we are discussing proteins in bio-research here. Don't bother with P-value, its a proven fact that they are in growing demand. Another obvious fact, proteins are highly complex by nature. Expressing an ORF clone, purifying and packaging does not make a company a "leading" anything in proteins. Bring an improvement to the process or stop burning lab budgets with low purity, contamination and zero consideration for QC. My team and colleagues dealt with enough of those issues this past year to contemplate in house at this point (suppliers will remain nameless, defamation is pathetic). Obviously there are plenty of quality protein companies and their high costs are not a coincidence. We like to be open to giving new companies a chance just like others gave us, but sometimes you remember why several researchers marry their suppliers. Fortunately we've retained all the labs that took a chance on us...maybe kb can provide solutions in this area as well…?