The journey to continues to stand as our biggest challenge to scaling yet. After getting web development off the ground through a contract with a computer science department at a local Institute-too many setbacks and complexities have forced a mutual cancellation. This may have not been the best for our already delayed release, but we chose to do something very complicated and situations like these tend to go hand in hand with trying to achieve novelty. Ironically the only thing that worked in our advantage was our persistent paranoia throughout the process. It led us to initiate a plan b and c to fall back on. We continued to scout for engineers or developers who met the creative and bioinformatics demand to include in the contracted project while acting as anchors to rescue the development. We are happy to announce the new member of the kb team and head developer, David Sorensen! As Dave was preparing to join the development, it concluded. Instead he will be leading the new development with a revised strategy and a tailored design. We look forward to his beta release, expected early this spring!

In the meantime-please continue to direct all reagents and service inquiries to , orders to and email for any customer service related communication. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and support. Our main objective is to provide a website with value to you and we will keep at it until that is achieved !

As the famous Andrew Grove once put it; "Only the Paranoid Survive"