Biotech and healthcare websites are generally embarrassing to the industry. They're either a product of compromise or haven't been updated since dial-up. Every company has to have at least one laughable ambition and ours is to build a biotechnology website that truly reflects the industry's progression and rewards researchers with valuable tools that don't insult them.

In late 2017 kbDNA rolled out the beta version of our website to begin collecting feedback and metrics. Following beta, we soft launched the release candidate for this summer (2018), open to the public and ready to collect a different type of feedback. This method of web development derives from the IT industry (surprise) and is nontraditional to how we handle our websites(bio-software excluded). Fortunately is a mix of bio and computer scientists and the two major things we learned throughout the development process are; one, the two scientific disciplines are mutually exclusive and two, the reason all our industry websites are so behind is because web development tools haven't innovated much in our direction. Part of the challenge focused on converting kbDNAs platform, equations, relational biology and informatics into code. The other part was developing a design that fit the usability of researchers. The latter was the most aggravating by far and it's no surprise considering how unique every scientist is. Yet kbDNA stayed determined to understand the user and that priority forced some unconventional decisions. We had to freeze content building/marketing to keep certain analytics organic and uninfluenced, Our business development was forced to grow at a more reserved pace than it could have-and the list goes on... These may have delayed our growth a bit, but with so many early-stage companies gripping exaggerated valuations, running off more funding than they can deliver, and the overall questionable start-up culture trends; we are more proud of our tenacity to build novel value than we are concerned with minor delays in scaling. With the official site release around the corner, we are excited to deliver an improved platform, specialty synthesis that will make you ditch the excel and a totally revamped user experience designed for researchers!